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We are a community-based group of volunteers, here by choice because we believe in the idea of a Jewish majority state on the world map. Jewish people are unique and so is their story. For over almost two thousand years, the Jewish people were a nation in exile.

After being expelled from ancient Israel by their Roman colonisers in 135 CE, Jewish communities were scattered all over the world.

They lived in foreign lands, spoke foreign languages, and were often compelled to blend into foreign ways of life.

In the late 1800’s, the emergence of the Zionist movement paved the way for the descendants of those expelled centuries earlier to begin settling the land that was once the birthplace of Jewish civilisation.

Israel’s establishment in 1948 was nothing short of a miracle.

Yet this miraculous nation isn’t without its share of challenges to ensure its survival.

As we believe in the idea of the Jewish nation taking control of its own affairs, we have come together from different sections of the wider community to express our support.

We recognise that supporting Israel comes with its own challenges.

We remain committed to working with any community-based group or organisation that shares our vision for peaceful coexistence between Israel and its neighbours.

Why We Exist

FOIWA was founded over a decade ago by concerned individuals in the community who felt that there needed to be a local voice advocating for the idea of a Jewish majority state.

There is no shortage to the spread of misinformation about Israel on a consistent basis.

We seek to engage and clarify such misinformation as failing to do so leads to compromising the prospects of peace.

If we are to have peace, there needs to be mutual recognition.

We believe in the right of Israel to exist.

We believe in Israel’s right to defend herself and keep her citizens safe from the on-going security challenges they continue to face.

We believe in fair and accurate reporting concerning matters to do with Israel and Jewish affairs in the press.

Our Objectives

The objects of the Association are:

(1) To support and promote the interests of the State of Israel as the State of the Jewish people;

(2) To defend Israel’s right to live in peace and security, free from threats of terrorism; and

(3) To ensure accurate and fair reporting and information regarding the State of Israel reaches the public domain.

We publish regular updates about developments in the Middle East and the international community.

We organise webinars and community forums with highly sought-after guest speakers.

We provide guidance on how to advocate for the cause.

If you share our ideals, do head over to the sign-up page to stay informed and join us.

Our Patrons

The following eminent Australians support us by their patronage:

Our Committee

Our Committee of Management includes the following elected members:

Sherry Sufi

Noa Shilo

Mark Kosowitz

Steve Lieblich

Stanley Geezer

Andra Biondi


Scott Ingram


Our History

On Sunday August 8, 2010, the “Friends Of Israel Western Australia Inc” (FOIWA) was launched by a group of prominent West Australians, State and Federal Politicians, and other West Australians from all walks of life, who see the State of Israel as a “friend in need”.

FOIWA’s establishment reflected growing world-wide concern of a need to support nations who believe in and demonstrate basic democratic values and freedoms.

The formation of the WA Friends of Israel mirrors other similar organisations that have sprung up around the world to give the often ‘silent majority’ an opportunity to make a tangible contribution toward defending democracy and freedom, securing peace in the Middle East, and especially to support  Israel in the face of ongoing existential threats.

The Launch was attended by a diverse contingent of Federal, State and Local Government representatives and addressed by several leading parliamentarians and the Israel Ambassador to Australia at that time, Yuval Rotem.